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Traditional or Blended First Aid Level 1: Olivedale - 06 & 07 June 2019


Traditional or Blended First Aid Level 1: Olivedale - 06 & 07 June 2019 00167

First aid level 1

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Joburg North - SA School of Weddings: Olivedale (Near the Malibongwe road offramp)

Unit 2, Meadowbrook Business Estate, Jacaranda Ave, Olivedale, Johannesburg, 2040


Traditional: Both days

9am - 4:30pm

Blended: Second day only

9am - 2pm

Blended vs Traditional

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If you book both level 2 & 3 you get a R250 discount. Don't forget to add the Level 2 to your order.

First aid kit

If you buy the recommended kit online with your order you get a 10% discount on the kit.

Online discount

If you book your course online you get a discount. You can still call us, or send us an email, if you want to chat about the weather, or need anything else.

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Online discount Yes, I would like a discount for booking online. (-43.4783) No, thank you. (0)
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First Aid Kit No first aid kit (0) Recommended first aid kit in Grab Bag (10% discount) (452.3478)
Lunch I will bring my own lunch (0) Please provide lunch for me for 1 day (43.4783) Please provide lunch for me for 2 days (86.9565)
Blended Vs Traditional Learning Blended (1 Day in class) (-217.3913) Traditional (2 Days in class) (0)

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