Can I get Discovery Vitality Points?

Discovery Vitality points

After completion of your CPR course Vitality will award you 2 500 points for the appropriate number of years.

CourseBlended Course DurationTraditional Course DurationDiscovery Vitality PointsYearsTotal Points
CPR and AED CPR1hr - 1hr 30min online and 1hr - 1hr 30min in class2-3 hours in class250025000
Level 16-10 hours online and 5 hours in class2 days in class250037500
Level 2 upgrade2 hours online and 5 hours in class1 day in class250037500
Combined Level 1 & 28-12 hours online and 1 day in class3 days in class250037500
Level 3 upgrade6-10 hours online and 1 day in class2 day in class250037500
BLS for HCPNot Available5-8 hours in class250025000

How long will it take for my points to reflect on the Points Monitor?

Pulse Point will send your details to RCSA the day after your course. RCSA then submit to Discovery every Wednesday morning. Discovery then may take up to 14 working days for processing of points, you can then check that these points have been awarded on your Vitality Points Monitor. Points are allocated on the day of the course.

How old must I be to start earning points for CPR?

You must be 18 years or older.