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AED CPR, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 all qualify for Discovery Vitality points. (Both Blended & Traditional)

Course Dates

Start DateEnd DateCourseSuburb (Johannesburg)Learning Options
01-Feb-2001-Feb-20AED CPRDelareyTraditional
07-Feb-2007-Feb-20Level 1DelareyTraditional or Blended
13-Feb-2014-Feb-20Level 1BedfordviewTraditional or Blended
20-Feb-2021-Feb-20Level 1OlivedaleTraditional or Blended
22-Feb-2022-Feb-20Level 1 & Level 2DelareyBlended
27-Feb-2028-Feb-20Level 1BedfordviewTraditional or Blended
05-Mar-2006-Mar-20Level 1DelareyTraditional or Blended
14-Mar-2014-Mar-20AED CPRDelareyTraditional
12-Mar-2013-Mar-20Level 1BedfordviewTraditional or Blended
19-Mar-2020-Mar-20Level 1OlivedaleTraditional or Blended
21-Mar-2021-Mar-20Level 1 & Level 2DelareyBlended
23-Mar-2024-Mar-20Level 1BedfordviewTraditional or Blended
25-Mar-2025-Mar-20Level 2 UpgradeBedfordviewTraditional or Blended
27-Mar-2027-Mar-20Level 3 UpgradeBedfordviewBlended
02-Apr-2003-Apr-20Level 1DelareyTraditional or Blended
04-Apr-2004-Apr-20AED CPRDelareyTraditional
08-Apr-2009-Apr-20Level 1BedfordviewTraditional or Blended
16-Apr-2017-Apr-20Level 1OlivedaleTraditional or Blended
18-Apr-2018-Apr-20Level 1 & Level 2DelareyBlended
23-Apr-2024-Apr-20Level 1BedfordviewTraditional or Blended

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