Save Lives!

At Pulse Point, we are passionate about teaching people how to minimise injury and save lives. We believe everyone should be able to help when things go wrong.

Have Fun!

Our instructors make training simple, fun and interactive. They simply love to share their knowledge and experience with their students. Thousands of students have already benefited from their exciting, interactive and knowledgeable training. You’ll also be happy to get your certificates at the end of the course, no long wait.

Put it into action!

Students not only learn the theory, but also get to put what they’ve learnt into action through practical sessions and simulated emergencies. These simulations greatly improve the student’s ability & confidence. We bring lots of manikins & practical equipment for the students to use, to ensure everyone gets hands on experience.

Learn how you like to learn! (Traditional vs Blended learning)

Traditional learning is full in class training with the instructor. “Blended learning” is where you can complete the theory online then complete a practical day with the instructor. Blended learning courses are very convenient, as half of the class time is required, with the remaining time completed online at your convenience. What’s more we also use a combination of Animations, DVD’s, video’s, demonstrations, presentations, discussions, practical sessions and practical simulations to ensure all learning styles and abilities are accommodated.

We come to you!

What’s more we make the first aid training convenient by coming to you whenever you’re free to do the training! We also bring all our own equipment.

Free travel if you’re less than 20km from us!

That’s right! If you’re less than 20 km from us then the travel is free of charge. Alternatively it is only R4.00/km to compensate for both the time & cost incurred while travelling. (Route distance calculated as fastest route, by time, using highways where available)

More people = less price per person!

Our prices are great too. They even decrease with bigger group sizes, so the more people you get together the less each person pays.

By Yourself? No problem, come to us!

If however you don’t have a group to do the course with, or if you don’t have the space at your office or home, then you can join one of our public courses at one of our clients venues.

Certificates at the end of the course

If you’ve paid, passed and sent your details, you’ll receive your certificate at the end of the course.


Pulse Point cc is a Level 4 provider, with a recognition level of 100%.

Accreditation & Quality Assurance

Each course has a different set of accreditation’s and alignments. Please check before booking your course.

First Aid Kits & Equipment

We no longer supply first aid kits and first aid equipment. Your nearest pharmacy supplies most first aid equipment. Takealot also has several good kits. Else you can check out Be-Safe Paramedical (https://be-safe.co.za/)

Teaching Style

Pulse point uses a combination of videos, practical sessions and scenarios, theory sessions, discussions as well as presentations, to ensure that all learning styles are accommodated, and that everyone has lots of fun!


Our instructors are all skilled trainers who enjoy teaching first aid. They also all have several years of medical experience, which they are excited to share with their students.


Our office staff aim to make your experience with us as easy and efficient as possible. We have excellent systems and procedures to ensure your courses run on time every time. We aim to also have your certificates ready for the end of your courses so that there is no long wait after your course.