Which First Aid Kit should i get?

First aid Kits

We stock a variety of first aid kits. You may only need to get the regulation 3 kit to satisfy the OHSact minimum requirements, however it is short on some very useful equipment: Burn dressings, Shock blankets and Spare gloves. As such we recommend you get the recommended kit as it contains these items and several more to make dealing with an emergency much easier, and much more effective.

Information: Please [Click here] for a full Description & Pictures of our First Aid Kits.

Ordering: You can order & pay online at our store.  Alternatively please email us (mail@pulsepoint.co.za) if you have any questions, need a quote or need us to send you anything. 

Recommended First Aid Kit Video


Freqently asked Questions

Do you have stock?

Yes, most of the time. If we don't have stock we'll let you know when we expect stock. We also normally put a note on the website if we don't have stock.

Where do you deliver to?

Anywhere in South Africa. Provided it has a street address. If its not a standard destination the delivery fee may change.

Delivery Costs:

Normaly R90 (inc VAT) for the first item & R30 for each extra item (that costs more than R140). (major cities) For larger orders (10 or more items) we can calculate a price for you.

When will i get it?

About 3 days after we receive proof of payment and it has reflected in our account. Once the parcel has been dispatched we can supply a tracking number if need be.

Collection can also be organised from Delarey (Johannesburg West) on all weekdays and on some week days from Wilbart (Johannesburg East)

Order process: 

Order online.

If there is not enough stock on the online store please contact us.