Basic Life Support for HCP

This course covers – 2015 CPR Guidelines, Adult, Child and paediatric CPR with the use of a facemask, pocket mask and a BVM (Bag-Valve-Mask), Foreign body airway obstruction and how to use an Automated External Defibrillation (AED).

What you receive – An American Basic Life Support manual, 2500 Discovery Vitality points, South African Resuscitation Council competency card and a BLS for HCP certificate. HPCSA CPD points 15 CPDs

Courses are conducted according to American Heart Association (AHA) standards and guidelines.

Private Course Dates & Pricing

As an essential service, we are open during the national lock-down.

Please contact us for group pricing & available dates.

Public Course Dates & Pricing

Please see below our current public courses that you can join. Please contact us for more dates.

Practical DateDay of WeekCourseSuburb (Johannesburg)Price (inc VAT)Learning OptionsTimes
22-Jan-21FridayAED CPRDelarey350Blended9am - 10am
22-Jan-21FridayLevel 1 with CPRDelarey750Blended9am - 12/1pm
22-Jan-21FridayLevel 1 & Level 2 with CPRDelarey1125Blended9am - 1/2pm
30-Jan-21SaturdayAED CPRDelarey350Blended9am - 10am
30-Jan-21SaturdayLevel 1 with CPRDelarey750Blended9am - 12/1pm
30-Jan-21SaturdayLevel 1 & Level 2 with CPRDelarey1125Blended9am - 1/2pm
12-Feb-21FridayAED CPRDelarey350Blended9am - 10am
12-Feb-21FridayLevel 1 with CPRDelarey750Blended9am - 12/1pm
12-Feb-21FridayLevel 1 & Level 2 with CPRDelarey1125Blended9am - 1/2pm
19-Feb-21FridayAED CPRBryanston350Blended9am - 10am
19-Feb-21FridayLevel 1 with CPRBryanston750Blended9am - 12/1pm
19-Feb-21FridayLevel 1 & Level 2 with CPRBryanston1125Blended9am - 1/2pm
27-Feb-21SaturdayAED CPRBedfordview350Blended9am - 10am
27-Feb-21SaturdayLevel 1 with CPRBedfordview750Blended9am - 12/1pm
27-Feb-21SaturdayLevel 1 & Level 2 with CPRBedfordview1125Blended9am - 1/2pm
05-Mar-21FridayAED CPRDelarey350Blended9am - 10am
05-Mar-21FridayLevel 1 with CPRDelarey750Blended9am - 12/1pm
05-Mar-21FridayLevel 1 & Level 2 with CPRDelarey1125Blended9am - 1/2pm
13-Mar-21SaturdayLevel 3 with CPRDelarey700Blended9am - 3/4pm
19-Mar-21FridayAED CPRDelarey350Blended9am - 10am
19-Mar-21FridayLevel 1 with CPRDelarey750Blended9am - 12/1pm
19-Mar-21FridayLevel 1 & Level 2 with CPRDelarey1125Blended9am - 1/2pm
26-Mar-21FridayAED CPRBryanston350Blended9am - 10am
26-Mar-21FridayLevel 1 with CPRBryanston750Blended9am - 12/1pm
26-Mar-21FridayLevel 1 & Level 2 with CPRBryanston1125Blended9am - 1/2pm

Location options


If we come to you... (private course)

Group Size

No minimum or maximum group size. Price based on number of students. Max 9 people per instructor.


We can run the training wherever you are.


These courses can be run Monday to Saturday. The days do NOT need to be consecutive.


9am - 4:30pm Or 8am - 3:30pm.
Start & end times can generally be adjusted to suit your needs

Booking process

Contact us > Get a Quote & Sign it off > Get an Invoice & Pay > We run the course


You'll receive your certificate at the end of the course. Provided you've paid, passed & sent your details before the course.